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Denver Adult Strings Camp

est. 2021

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2024 Dates Announced!

Spruce Ensemble Foundations Program: February 27 - April 13

Focused on beginning orchestral members. Emphasis on technique, intonation, rhythm, playing in a group. LEARN MORE

Large Summer Program: Tuesdays & Thursdays, June 18 - August 10 

Programming for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players. 

Fall Advanced Ensembles Program: Dates TBD 

Programming for advanced players in chamber ensemble settings.

The Holiday Session 2024: November 28, December 9, December 23

Casual, drop-in programming focused on fun, holiday music, and community outreach. 

Side by Side

Announcing Drop-in Workshops! 

Drop-in workshops are here! These workshops have been booked based on YOUR survey answers over the last few years. These workshops are one-off and open to the public - whether you have attended camp before or not, come on out! 

Vibrato with Linda Bolander: 

Date: Tuesday, May 7th 7-8:30pm 

Location: Wheat Ridge UMC

A small group workshop focused on beginning and developing vibrato - all string instruments welcome. This workshop has 15 spots only so be sure to save your spot in advance if you would like to attend! $16.50 registration - SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE.

Gear and Maintenance w/ Lindsay Genadek and Kevin Holbrooks

Date: Monday, March11th 7-8:30pm 

Location: Wheat Ridge UMC

Learn about standard instrument maintenance like bow rehairs, changing strings, and more with Kevin Holbrooks. Lindsay Genadek will also do a segment on gear! From posture pegs to center chin rests. Get your questions answered and bring any instruments for an adjustment or repair. Everyone will get an individual setup assessment from Lindsay. $16.50 registration - SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE.

Secrets of Sheet Music Reading w/ Sarah Jylkka

Date: Sunday, February 25th 2-3:30pm

Location: Denver Public Library: Hadley Branch, Community Room

Does reading sheet music confuse you? Maybe you learned the "Every Good Boy Does Fine" method, but found yourself lost as the music became more complex. This workshop is an interactive session addressing how to read sheet music in a way that will sustain as you continue to advance. All instruments welcome, workbook included. $16.50 registration - SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE.

Curious if you're at the right level to participate? Check our minimum suggested skills HERE.

Keep an eye out! We have several workshops still pending that will be posted once confirmed. Additional topics to stay tuned for: Violin/viola vibrato, Cello/bass vibrato, Improvisation and Group Composition, Sound Production 101. If you have a workshop in mind that you would really like to see, please email your suggestion to or submit a contact form through this website. Thanks! 


Who Should Join DASC?


String players who started learning as adults


Music teachers wanting experience on a new string instrument


Adults who haven't played since grade school, but want to start again!



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"I had not played my -or any - violin for more than 30 years. I’m so happy that DASC started since I’ve been able to return to playing. It’s so much fun! I’ve met great people, and I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my playing. No matter what your level is, there is a place for you in the DASC community."


"I walked into my first DASC with just about one year of musical experience after deciding to learn the violin as an adult. That first session was terrifying - but instead of finding judgement, I found support, kindness, patience, and camaraderie throughout the camp. Four sessions later, DASC continues to be a place of self-growth, personal accomplishment, and a lot of silly, low-pressure FUN! While I have certainly grown as a violinist through DASC, I have most loved the simple, magical experience of playing music with other people."

- Ashley R.

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"Denver Adult Strings Camp has been a wonderful addition to my life. As a four-week intensive camp, it's just enough time to dive back into playing with a group without it being too much of a commitment outside of work and family. I appreciate the emphasis on learning, improvement, and fun for adults seeking a community that want to play in a symphony without the added stress or pressure of auditions or competition."

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"My violin languished lonely and quiet for four decades after I finished high school. I had always enjoyed playing, especially in an orchestra, but once you become an adult there are few opportunities to play with others if you're not a professional or have a "day job". Finding DASC re-ignited my love for my instrument and joining others in making music. The support and encouragement from Sarah and the professional musicians working with DASC is amazing! Through DASC, I've made friends, felt pride in my performance, and embarked on taking lessons again. You know you want to join DASC! Lean in and make music!"

-Michele H.

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"I loved the music selections, and there was such an accepting and patient atmosphere that somehow I was not nervous in the least at our performance. I very much appreciated how organized the entire endeavor was, and there was great communication from Sarah."

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