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Our events page is lonely!

Are you planning on attending a play or concert? Maybe you'd like company to go tour a luthier shop or jam at the park. Are you interested in getting a group together for game night, skiing, or beers?


If so, fill out our event form!

EVENT FORM: Have an event in mind that DASC members can enjoy? Let us know here!  

Submitted events will be posted on our DASC Events Page with an RSVP link. 

Events are casual gatherings organized by the DASC camp community. They are usually 5-10 people and don't have to be huge ordeals! Some events that people have suggested (and hosted, or helped host) in the past are:


• Hadestown on Broadway 

• Colorado Symphony/DCPA concerts and events

• Jam sessions at SRS Denver 

• Ski Day

• Dinner/drinks after rehearsals

• Lunch/drinks after Grand Finale Concert

Post-concert celebration 2023 

ski day_edited.jpg
image (1).png

Ski Day Winter 2022

FF7 Soundtrack Concert March 2022

Stephanie, Kim, and Amy attend Hadestown Oct 2022

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